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Tūlbot 2.0Tūlbot Online

Getting Started with TūlBot

The first steps you need to take in order to start using TūlBot.

Using TūlBot to Download Data

How to start downloading your data with TūlBot.

Inserting Your Data into TūlBot Business Planner

How to insert your data downloads from Bless and Build into the TūlBot Business Planner.

Running The Clean Data Macros

How to run and clean up your data using the custom tools within the TūlBot Business Planner.

TūlBot Reports Overview

Everything you need to know about accessing and building reports with your data.

TūlBot Reports: Reports Dashboard and P&L by Month

How to use the reports and P&L sections within TūlBot.

TūlBot Reports – Manage Inventory, Segmented Email List

How to access and use the Manage Inventory and Segmented Email List sections within TūlBot.

TūlBot P&L Cash Basis & Accrual

How the P&L Cash Basis and Accrual sections work.

Expenses Overview

Options for tracking your business-related expenses and mileage.

Expenses View – End Year

How to view and use the Year-End inventory section in TūlBot.

TūlBot Expenses & Mileage

How to track your expenses and mileage throughout the year.

TūlBot Expenses Tabs

How to use the Expenses tabs within TūlBot.

TūlBot Online Onboarding Process

How to getting started with the Tūlbot Online and get data into the application.

Dashboard Tab

The dashboard is where all the magic happens. Understand your business from multiple different vantage points.

Customers Tab

How to keep tabs on your customers and what they have purchased from you.

Inventory Tab

What do I need to order and how should I build my inventory.

Expenses Tab

Options for tracking your business related expenses and mileage.

Pop-up Manager Tab

Use this tab to understand which hostesses do the most amount of sales.

Financials Tab

How to use the Financials Tab to your advantage and truly understand your business operations.

Settings Tab

How to change your password, reset your data and invite a friend to use Tūlbot Online.