Features to Love

Sales Intelligence


Gain insight into your sales history, understand what is trending, and what your best up-sell and cross-sell opportunities are. Increase the lifetime value of each customer overnight with a complete picture of each customer’s purchase history. Crush your sales goals by building a massive base of loyal customers.

real-time data


Tūlbot works with Bless and Build to provide you real-time data of your business in easy to understand dashboards and reports. We’ve completely removed the headaches of data collection and organization. Spend more time building your business and less time trying to manage it.

Inventory management


No more guesswork, no more late nights physically counting. Tūlbot provides you with inventory numbers, alerts, and trends, all designed to help you work faster, reduce errors, increase profits and have more time for your why.

Accounting suite


Tūlbot users save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually on tax preparation and have insight into the financial health of their business at any time. Better data enables better decisions and the organization of your financial reports saves mega time and headaches. Go forth with confidence.

Rewards Management


Tūlbot makes it easy to know your customers’ monthly, rolling 12-month, and lifetime value. With a few clicks you can track, reward, and retain more customers.

Popup Manager


Track your pop-ups with ease.  See how many sales were made and hostess rewards were given. Coming soon…Identify potential pop-up hostesses thru your customer base, have more pop-ups, make more money, repeat.

Compliance icon


Our systems are fully compliant with the terms and conditions set by LuLaRoe.

Secure Icon


Tūlbot uses government-grade encryption to ensure that your information stays safe and out of any other hands.

Works on Any Device

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