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Who is TūlBot for?

TūlBot was developed for LuLaRoe consultants. The tool works to take the headaches out of tracking inventory, sales, finances, and gathering data to become a more effective sales and marketing person.

Do you offer a guarantee of any kind?

TūlBot Online has a 14-day trial. After the free trial you will be billed on a monthly basis with the ability to cancel at any time.

How will this help me?

TūlBot reduces the time you need to spend on the administrative tasks of the business. TūlBot users have reported being able to spend more time on their WHY, have more time for sales and marketing activities to help grow their business, gain better customer and trend insight, and participate in more multi-consultant sales.

Can I download all of my historical data from day one?

Yes. All of your data can be downloaded from day one.

How long does it take for TūlBot to download my data?

That varies greatly depending upon your volume of business and how long you have been actively selling with LuLaRoe. In most cases consultants report an initial complete download of all historical data taking less than 25 minutes.

What devices does this work on; Mac, PC, tablet, phone?

TūlBot Online works on any device, PC and Mac; iOS and Android. For the best experience we recommend using a tablet or laptop.

Can I use TūlBot on more than one computer?

Yes, version 2.0 and higher will work on more than one device by using your Google ID (gmail address) to verify your license.